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    SCP-2030 is an anomalous phenomenon that manifests as a television series. The medium through which SCP-2030 manifests changes depending on the most popular format currently in use; as of 2014, SCP-2030 most commonly inserts itself into automated DVD rental kiosks, file sharing websites, and paid on-demand video streaming services. Prior to 2012, SCP-2030 commonly manifested as a DVD set in video rental stores, and as VHS tapes prior to 2003. Thus far, no reliable evidence that SCP-2030 manifestations took place prior to the year 1993 has been discovered; however, thirty-eight (38) seasons of programming are known to exist, implying that SCP-2030 has been active to some degree since 1976. Check out my SCP Playlists! Season 1: Season 2: Read along: Facebook: Twitter: Music by Kevin MacLeod: Be sure to like, comment, share, and subscribe! #scp #eastsideshowscp
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    SCP-1440 (The Old Man From Nowhere) is a man of unknown ethnicity and age. When questioned about its name, place or time of birth, SCP-1440 will refuse to ...
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    The show is a hidden camera comedy series, showcasing the candid responses of various people to bizarre, disturbing, and often anomalous situations.
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    SCP-871 is a collection of 237 cakes. Instances of SCP-871 vary widely in appearance and size, covering the entire range of foods described by humans as ...
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    SCP-1489 consists of 18 railway cars trailing a steam locomotive, all of which travel constantly at a speed of approximately 40 km/h along the ground.
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    Üdv srácok!Egy újabb rémisztő sorozat veszi kezdetét, amelyben az SCP-kről fogok olvasni.Hogy mi is az az SCP?A videóban megtudjátok. Az SCP-kről szintén ...
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    SUBSCRIBE!!!! Reading of SCP-2030: Music by myuu:
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    SCP-4640 is the collective designation given to two entities currently linked via an anomalous item. Each of these elements has been subclassified as ...
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    Laugh with us. Lą̘͍̮̞̹̤̪u̦gh ͓w̟̦͚͕͙͉̞i̥͖̩̤͈͎̹t̴̰̳̠͈̥h̺͖̣̦͢.
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    SCP-2006 is an anomalous spherical entity roughly 50 centimeters in diameter when in its default state. SCP-2006's stated goal is to cause feelings of fear ...
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    An entity that manifests as a television prank show and hides in digital services disguised as other shows and even on DVD rental discs? Yeah this one is pretty ...
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    SCP-1417 is a collective designation for two related objects possessing anomalous properties. SCP-1417-1 appears to be an ordinary banana (Musa ...
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    LA U GH WIT H US Story: This article is the property of the SCP Foundation. I am not claiming ownership of any kind. This video is for educational and ...
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    SCP-2915 is a Wendy's franchise restaurant located in ······, Ohio. The establishment possesses two primary anomalous properties. The menu at the ...
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    SCP-058 resembles a bovine heart, with four (4) arthropod-like legs used primarily for movement, and four (4) tentacles of adjustable length, covered with razor ...
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    Taken from - Support me - Join my DISCORD! - SCP-1678 ...
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    Hey, the old video editing software bunked out. SO WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER, YEAH!!! NEW INTRO ALSO YEAH!!! Original Pasta: ...
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    THANK YOU ALL SO, SO MUCH FOR 50K SUBS!!! I really can't tell you how much it means to me! I never thought we'd come this far with this channel that ...
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    Challenging group content.
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    SPECIAL GUEST Viidith22 It's just a prank, bro. ▻Read along! ▻Twitter: ...
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    SCP-583 is a Sony Color Collection 60-90 min Mini DV video tape, its case composed primarily of transparent green plastic. Details of the contents of the tape ...
    This is a new favorite of mine. One of those TV show creepypastas that leaves the vague tickling in the back of your mind that it could possibly be true and just ...
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    SCP-1155 manifests as a work of street art/graffiti depicting the form of a humanoid creature with sinewy forelimbs, claw-like hands and the head and feathers of ...
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    SCP-198 has taken numerous forms since coming into Foundation possession in 19··. Since acquisition, SCP-198 has been observed to have had dozens of ...
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    Warning: This one is graphic, and the phrase Body Horror comes to mind. The SCP Foundation is a treasure trove of internet creepiness. The format of redacted ...
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    SCP-1127 is a series of short films ranging between 23 and 42 minutes in length. To date ··· copies of 3 different films have been recovered and 1 film has ...
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    A reading of SCP-2030: "Laugh is Fun" This is one of my favorite SCPs. It is truly disturbing. Read along at: Music Composed ...
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    SCP-1437 is an apparently endless hole measuring 3m x 3m, located in the ······ Desert. Attempts to dig into SCP-1437 from the side result in the ...
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    Sometimes as technology increases so does the frustrations for containing some SCP's you will understand when you watch the video. Item #: SCP-2030 Object ...
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    The personality of SCP-2029 is mostly cooperative but mildly hostile towards personnel, often asserting its desire to assimilate or take control of networked ...
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    SCP-1983-1 is a one-story farmhouse in ······· County, Wyoming. It was abandoned in 1968 after a series of ritual murders, allegedly performed by a ...
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    SCP-1799 is a male humanoid, approximately 1.2m tall, weighing 58kg. SCP-1799 has the physical characteristics of a generic clown. Subject is bald, skin ...
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    SCP-1987-J is a sequence of chords intended to be played on an electric guitar, which produces several anomalous effects when played. SCP-1987-J has been ...
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    Taken from - Email me - Like me on facebook - ...
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    Bien despues de mil años sin subir este tipo de videos, ahora traigo otro tomo(? de esta serie que estoy tratando de ser en el canal, habra otro capitulo en la ...
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    SCP-777 or Darkblade (Blade for short), as he chooses to be called, is a white male of about 17 years old. He has flowing white hair with green highlights and ...
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    Original post: What should I read next? Twitter: @litnobody162 Tumblr:
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    31̰͓̹̤ ̟̥͙N̹̘̥i̦̘͇g͍̖̪͉͓̰ḫ̯̙̰t̟̳̳̞ͅs ̰of̣̟ ̖̫̳S̬̮͚̩C̼̫̦̥̮͎̬P̝͕͔̱̥̗͚: Submit your answers! "LA U GH IS F UN" ...
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    SCP-2112 is a memetic phenomenon associated with Caress of Steel, a record album released in 1975 by the Canadian progressive rock band Rush.
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